Koi No Yokan

Disclaimer: this is one of several posts about my training for various road races (marathons and the like). In the spirit of keeping it interesting  I’m gonna try to keep the content to some of the more poignant thoughts that pop into my head while running. This is the first attempt at that..please be kind. 🙂

Ran a fairly uneventful 4 miler on the treadmill this morning. I was more using it as an opportunity to listen to the Deftones new album Koi No Yokan (apparently an untranslatable Japanese concept). Great album btw, but got me thinking to how long this band has been around and my first listen to them.

I rather vividly remember it was a Saturday in my high school days and I walked down to the music store on Ming Ave near West High. Not sure what I was doing on a Saturday walking down Ming ave but most likely ignoring chores my dad asked me to do. Also, I’m not sure if it was a Sam Goode but fairly certain it wasn’t a Tower Records. I do remember it was specifically this store I wanted to go to because they actually let you listen to any CD in the store, like would open it up, put it on a CD player and give you headphones. I wanted to check out the Deftones since I was obsessed with Korn at the time and had read in interviews that the band mates were all good friends. Like the cheap ass little shit I was, I sat in that music store for what seemed like an eternity and listened to that album over and over again. Like the whole fucking thing, multiple times. When I was done, I thought briefly about trying to steal it and decided it would be stupid of me to do so since I had just sat in the store for hours; more than enough time for the clerk to describe me to the cops. So I walked out without paying for it, just handed it back to the clerk and said thanks.

The new album is really good and if you get a chance, take a listen. I’m probably gonna jam out to it tonight on the Kern River Bike Trail as I jog home from work. It gave me a smile to think back to that first listen and hopefully it does it again.


~ by gafoo on January 29, 2013.

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