January wrap up

Slow start to January, mostly just avoiding running in cold weather. Definitely better mileage than December but I’m expecting February to be much better since training for the San Diego RnR has started. It’s mostly base training at this point so I’m trying to break up the monotony by catching up on podcasts while on the run. Nerdist I’m looking in your direction, especially the recent one with Dave Grohl. May also get back into audio books too, those are especially helpful for long runs. Speaking of which, I’ve been doing some juggling of the training plan to try to fit in all the mileage. So far this means a lot more running at night since I can’t quite make a 5am wake up time stick. It also means more running on the treadmill which isn’t too incredibly boring. At the very least, the treadmill gives me the opportunity to force myself to an aerobic easy pace. The schedule is also having me break up my long run into a couple of medium length runs. It’s not an ideal situation but so far it’s helping to get the mileage I want, get things done on my days off of work, and still be able to spend some time with my family…which is a plus for my sanity. I just hope this will only be a temporary solution and I can gradually transition my long run to Sundays. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.



Total mileage: 113
Longest Run: 16.94mi
Fastest Run: 6.25mi Pace: 7:12 min/mi


~ by gafoo on February 2, 2013.

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