Thoughts on MCT

Switched from Coconut oil to MCT oil in my coffee last month. Didn’t think it’d be a huge difference but…
First, for those that don’t know, MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. Without going into the details, MCT can’t be stored in the body so it must be immediately used. When consumed it produces a thermogenic effect.
I’ve been on a high fat (ketogenic) diet and have been using coconut oil for quite a while already (60% MCT) so I didn’t expect a huge difference but damn; that first cup of bulletproof coffee with MCT was crazy. Within 15 minutes I could feel a warmness in my stomach, not unlike being drunk and bordering on unpleasant. It was only 1 tablespoon but I could quickly feel the difference.
Since then I’ve actually been able to up my intake to 1.5 TBSP per cup of coffee (usually 2 cups per day).  Combined with butter and some Stevia or Truvia that is my entire breakfast and keeps me full for several hours. The stomach warmness sensation still happens every time and is weird though I think I’m pretty much used to it now. Also, as an experiment I went above 3 total TBSP to 4 and experienced the most epic poops of my life #tmi. So suffice it to say, I know my limits on this stuff.
As a diet aid its been great, still steadily losing weight, but surprisingly this didn’t work as a running aid. I ran one time after consuming the bulletproof coffee and suffered greatly. I suspect its due to  my stomach jostling combined with the aforementioned thermogenic effect. Still, I’ve been known to consume a huge breakfast and just immediately go running with no problems. Always considered myself to have an iron stomach but MCT appears to be my kryptonite.
Final thought…
This stuff is very expensive (though I did just order for much cheaper from Amazon) but I believe very effective. For now, it will remain a part of my Ketogenic diet and a breakfast staple. I would definitely recommend it though definitely take it slow if you’ve never taken it before.


~ by gafoo on February 6, 2014.

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