the daily – 5/22/14

1. Nutrition – sliced smoked ham, sharp cheddar cheese, black olives, chicken nuggets, chips, steak, broccoli, beer, vodka
2. Exercise – none. first day off in 21 days in which I accumulated 153 miles of running.
3. Life – sent June to school, slept away the morning (big reason why I skipped a day of running), got June from the bus stop, made dinner, cleaned dishes, cleaned house, watched a lot of Star Trek TNG.

So I’m gonna try daily blogging, mostly to track day to day nutrition and running. Like I mentioned above, yesterday was the 1st rest day for me in 21 days. I felt pretty wore out the last two days. I knew I would need to take a rest day at some point to absorb the training and my body finally decided that today was the day.

I’ve been on a mission to get in some kind of running shape again. First up on the set of goals is running a sub 19 minute 5k sometime this summer. My current PR in the distance is 19:43. I’m planning on using the Bako summer series as pseudo speed work. Ideally I would like to focus on re-building a large aerobic base again to be ready to train for a marathon in late summer/early fall. Since all the running so far has been at aerobic base pace (LHR training), having a fast 5k every other week should help keep leg speed while I’m doing that work. If i’m lucky (and drop some more weight) I can probably improve my PR this summer.


~ by gafoo on May 23, 2014.

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