the daily – 5.24.14

1. Nutrition – huge breakfast – omelette with bacon, avocado and cheese. Fried potatoes with onions and bell peppers. Biscuits and gravy. Beer and fish and chips for lunch and then more beer and pizza for dinner. Definitely not a low carb day but I figured I could have one super heavy carb day prior to my long run day. Carbo loading and all.

2. Exercise – none, unless you count walking around Ventura as exercise.

3. Life – as mentioned above, I went on a day trip to Ventura with my cousin and his old band. I played bass in his band about 10 years ago and he has the bug to get the band back together to play some places and record again. I like the idea of playing bass (a definite stretch musically for me) so I agreed to head out to Ventura for the day to come up with a plan to get together again. Everyone so far is really eager though it may take us some time to get our chops back together. Got back to town around 6pm and took June and Lys out to pizza for dinner. Our favorite place Magoos. 🙂


~ by gafoo on May 26, 2014.

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