the daily – 5.25.14

1. Nutrition – chorizo and eggs with bacon for breakfast. Plus a couple cups of bullet proof coffee (latest iteration of BPC is heavy cream and MCT oil and a spoonful of stevia. I’ve discontinued butter in my coffee for the time being). Lunch and dinner was leftover pizza. My pre-run was the Lemon flavored Gen UCAN which I am happy to say is now completely gone. It is easily the most vile flavor of that stuff I’ve had. Blech.

2. Exercise – finally arranged for a long run out at the bike path. I got just under 12 miles at 8:17 pace. Ran extremely solid for 10 miles with no breaks then stopped for a quick water break and ran out the rest of the distance back to my car. All in all this was well executed and with the pre-run drink I can say I had no mental fog or need for any more nutrition. Hopefully can build this up to a distance of 15 miles in the next month.

3. Life – this was a slightly boring day. Went grocery shopping with the family, June went to my parents house to go swimming, and I took a late afternoon nap prior to heading out for my run. Watched some TV with the wife and then conked out.


~ by gafoo on May 26, 2014.

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