Monthly Training Recap – May 2014 “Man Up May”

Prior to the start of May I took a hard look at my training for the year. I’d been kidding myself  that I was “gonna get back at consistent training soon” for so long and decided that it was put up or shut up time. I jokingly decided to call it “Man Up May” and set up the expectation for what that meant. Basically because I was making so many excuses to skip running that I was to turn the question on it’s head. Instead asking myself “should I go out running today?” I was gonna ask myself “Is there any reason why I shouldn’t go out running?” It’s a subtle difference but apparently it was enough to change my mentality and get me out the door. Below are the stats…

Total miles: 219.48
Total rest days: 2
Total double days: 2
shortest: 4.72mi
longest: 11.86mi
fastest: 7.75 mi @ 7:34avg

I was initially planning on running as many consecutive days as I could with the hope that I could manage to cover all 31 days. By the time I got 3 weeks in I was feeling pretty ragged and sleeping a lot more. I figured either I needed to eat more or get serious rest/recovery and opted for the latter. About 95% of the mileage is being done at base pace. I’ve been very meticulous about monitoring my heart rate to keep it in aerobic zone and I’m happy to see fitness gains; paces are getting faster and easier. I’m sure it will come back slowly as long as I’m patient and consistent.

For June I’m hoping to increase the weekly mileage while incorporating more rest days. I’ll likely move back to a 6 day training cycle with a couple of double days a week. I’m going stay at the same amount of base pace running as I’ve definitely got a lot of work ahead to rebuild aerobic fitness. Even so, I would like to incorporate some faster days. They are definitely gonna be few and far between for now though. Above all I’m gonna keep flipping the question on myself. So far it seems to be working as I’m finding it very hard to come up with excuses not to run. Onward to June!


~ by gafoo on May 31, 2014.

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