the daily – 5.30.14

1. Nutrition – 1 cup BPC,  3 eggs scrambled in butter with sausage and cheese. Went to Wendys for lunch and had a baconator with medium fries and diet coke. Made a pork roast in the slow cooker (why don’t I use the slow cooker more?) and rounded that out with broccoli and cauliflower smothered in butter for dinner. Went out to Sandrini’s and the Mint tonight so after drunken fun I also had 2 carne asada tacos and split some carne asada fries with Lys

2. Exercise – 7.75 mile run out on the bike path at easy pace ( which is finally getting faster for the same effort level…w00t!). In an effort to accelerate recovery from day to day I’m gonna start doing cool down jogs when I can. Tonight was .63 miles of pretty slow jogging.

3. Life – June’s first day of summer, spent watching some My Little Pony in the morning. We both went on the bus to Great Clips so I could finally get a haircut. Also, went with Joe and Lys out to Sandrini’s to watch Nerdvana. It was very fun drunken adventures.


~ by gafoo on May 31, 2014.

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