the daily – 6.1.14

1. Nutrition – 2 cups BPC for breakfast, 2 cheese hot dogs with chili for lunch, snacked on chips and chicken nuggets at Joe’s place, a Vanilla Gen UCAN shake for pre-workout, grilled chicken, brocolli, and a salad for dinner. Went out to the movies tonight and had a ridiculous amount of popcorn and some butterfingers minis

2. Exercise – 8 mile run at 7:45 pace and 150 avg HR. Ran this as a negative split and really should have just kept it low key. My right calve was nagging me the whole time. This caps off an 8 day period of 67 miles so tomorrow is a definite rest day.

3. Life – Spent the morning cleaning up around the house a little, took Joe out to Harbor Freight then back to his place for swimming. Barbecued some chicken for dinner and wound up burning them a bit cause I wasn’t paying attention. Finally got out to see Godzilla tonight. Was very impressed, great flick.


~ by gafoo on June 2, 2014.

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