the daily – 6.4.14

1. Nutrition – massive breakfast…3 cups BPC, 3 slices of bacon, 3 eggs scrambled in bacon grease and topped with cheddar cheese. Lunch was 2 cheese hot dogs, and dinner was a tri-tip roast that I cooked in the slow cooker. No veggies to go with dinner cause apparently we are out of everything. My eating has really ramped up since I’ve been regularly putting 50 miles weeks again.

2. Exercise – hobbled through an 8 mile run. I made a mistake of going out too hard the day after a race. It felt pretty easy for about a mile but I was soon struggling to keep my HR down. The majority of the run sucked. I got super hungry towards the end of it and I’m glad it’s over.

3. Life – major fun today. June and I rode bikes to the park. I brought June bathing suit and we played in the water park. She is still super scared of running through some of the larger fountains so I just jumped right in with her. Got super soaked and had a blast. Next time I’ve gotta try to actually bring swim trunks. lol


~ by gafoo on June 4, 2014.

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