the daily – 6.13.14

1. Nutrition: 2 cups BPC, 2 eggs with heavy cream scrambled in butter with crumbled sausage and sharp cheddar for breakfast. 2 cheese hot dogs for lunch. NUUN hydration tablet and Vanilla Gen UCAN pre-workout. Grilled steak and steamed broccoli with melted butter for dinner.

2. Exercise: did the 21st Street loop, just under 8 miles. Good weather tonight. Took the first half easy-ish and the 2nd half at around my tempo-ish pace. Average pace was at 7:37 so that’s pretty nice. Still, I’m a little worried that I’ve been running the last 3 days a bit too hard (all averages in the high 7 min range rather than low 8, AVG HR in the high 140’s instead of mid 140). Need to try to relax intensity over the weekend and possibly increase the mileage.

3. Life: another boring day, cleaned the living room and did the dishes. Spent the time today re-installing windows 7 on my desktop computer. It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten around to doing it and it was badly needing it. At some point through various software installs and uninstalls I realized I couldn’t access MMC! I was trying to get to disk management to mount a external laptop drive and wasn’t able to. Now it’s all nice and new and shiny. WEEE!!!


~ by gafoo on June 13, 2014.

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