Yes…a f*cking resolution post

Just a short list. Everyone loves lists right?

Training Goals
1. Consistency like I’ve never had before. Average at least 55 miles per week for the entire year. This will put me fairly close to my mileage goal of 3000 for the year.
2. Two eight week stretches (specific phases for marathon races) averaging 70 miles per week with tons of quality work. At this point this is likely the limit I can put on my body and will be very difficult so I’ll plan them as peak mileage weeks for races.
3. 35 mile run for my 35th Birthday – time for a revisit of this one.
4. Place more effort on developing speed. I rarely run to develop speed, I just occasionally run fast (if that makes any sense). Maybe this year I’ll change that habit.

Race Goals
1. Sub 85 half marathon. This is way fast for me but I’m pretty sure this is doable in the near future and my half PR needs to be shaken up a bit.
2. Sub 3 marathon. Big question mark, can I do this in 2015? If I can remain consistent then maybe. In the short term I’ll focus on 3:05.
3. 18:xx 5k. Kinda sad that my 5k PR is still in the 19:xx range but probably reflective of my lack of general speed work over endurance training.
4. Run a 50k. I’ve done 30 miles once in my life but I’d actually like to enter a trail 50k and really go for it. I’m not getting any younger.
5. Spring marathon AND fall marathon. I say it every year, more racing.
6. Destination race out of state. I’ve been considering the Twin Cities marathon so we can visit family.


~ by gafoo on February 4, 2015.

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