weekly wrap up: 2/2/15 – 2/8/15

So this is the first of my weekly training wrap ups (albeit, a little late). I already have been doing this on r/Running for a while but I’d like to have this here as well. It’s my own site so I’m allowed to be a bit more personal with it. This is probably more sustainable than daily posts.


Monday – 8.3 miles @ recovery pace. First of the 4am runs with David and his group. I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up for this so I stayed up most of the night and napped for about 90 minutes before this to ensure I would be awake.

Tuesday – 7.35 miles @ easy(ish) pace. I threw a couple of unplanned harder efforts in which brought the average pace faster than normal. *side note* while having lunch today I realized that the next 3 days of running were going to be unusually tough. 3 double days regardless of the pacing is fucking hard. What the fuck was I thinking?

Wednesday – AM run – 8.3 @ recovery pace. Tried to get a normal night of sleep before this 4am run. It worked moderately well. PM run – 7.13 @ easy to moderate effort. This isn’t really a PM run since I start it at 10am but it is 6 hours later than the early morning run so it feels like PM to me. This run worked out well as I had only planned on 5 but was feeling fresh so went for 7 and even broke 6 minute per mile pace right at the end. I would pay for this pace on Friday.

Thursday – AM – 8.92 @ moderate effort. Took a slightly different route than normal just to shake things up. Ran some marathon pace stuff towards the end. PM – 3.33 @ slow recovery pace. Looked forward to this run…out at Sole2Soul with Rose. Very relaxed and fun to hang with her. Hit up Lengthwise afterward for food and beer. Woo!

Friday – AM – 10.18 @ recovery pace. A new person (new to me anyway) was at the run this morning and was looking for 10 miles instead of 8. I’m really tired from little sleep but a couple extra miles is fine by me. This is a mistake as I learn from my second run of the day. PM – 4.27 @ easy pace. I actually pushed the start time of this run by about 30 minutes to sleep a little more. I was super fucking tired for this and my legs couldn’t manage more than a meager easy pace. HR was much higher than usual. I was 1000% out of fuel and needing sleep.

Saturday – 9.01 @ easy pace with last 3 miles @ moderate tempo effort. Felt pretty rested for this and it was particularly fun running in the pouring down rain. Completely drenched and happy.

Sunday – 16.57 long run @ easy pace. 1st 16 mile run in a long long time. It was hot as hell and along the bike path so pretty much uncovered the entire time. I stopped at 11.5 miles and drank some water from the fountain at Finish Line bike shop. I bonked around mile 12 but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, only lost about 15 seconds per mile. Plus I was able to rally after a bad section of 2 miles. Afterwards I was soooo hungry!

Total – 83.36 miles.

Biggest mileage week of the year. It’s also been about 4 years since I’ve been at this level of volume. If I can manage the 4am start time I basically am getting in 24 miles of free running (recovery pace is way less stressful on the body than all the other crap I do) so putting in my normal week on top of it, in theory, should be doable. I didn’t do any real workouts this week as I was just focused on getting to 80 miles and getting the early morning miles in. I think I’ll probably put in something next week. This week is the start of a 21 day super-compensation cycle leading into the Heavenly Half marathon. I’ve done this a couple of times in the past and they work well for me. This coming week will be another 80 mile week and the week after will be 70. At that point I’ll take a big reduction in volume and get a couple of rest days in which will hopefully get me ready to race the shit of that 1/2 marathon. Fingers crossed.


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