weekly wrap up (extremely late edition)

Kinda long since it’s been a very long time, mostly out of laziness…

So first things first,

I HAVE A NEW 1/2 MARATHON PR!!! 1:23:09. I crossed off a big new years resolution to go under 85 minutes in the 1/2 marathon. There is a brief wrap up of the race on Dailymile as well as my mile splits/pace analysis on Strava. The highlights for me that still boggle my mind; 5 miles of this race was done under 6 min mile pace (fastest mile split of 5:38!), ran a 5k PR (18:19 at the 15k mark) and a 10k PR (36:55 at the 20k mark). I’ll admit that the downhill course aided these times greatly but I’ll take it. It’s given me a confidence to really attack my next phase of training. With that being said…

2nd thing:

Training has sucked since that race. Mainly because I’m going on about 6 weeks with Achilles problems (including running the race with pretty bad pain). From what I’ve read Achilles injuries are hard to deal with since there is so little blood flow to the area so they tend to linger for a very long time. The best rehab seems to be calf raises (which I’ve been doing), foam rolling (um, nope), and rest (again, no). It’s taken about 4 weeks to get back up to a decent level of weekly running and it’s mostly been kinda terrible. Haven’t really been able to do much in the way of fast running and even long slow running tends to wear on me after a while. 10 miles seems to be a hard limit after which my Achilles starts to nag at me to stop. I’ve gone back to a 6 day a week schedule for the time being so I at least get one solid day of rest/recovery.

3rd thing: the weekly wrap up 3/23-3/29(actual decent week for a change)

Monday – off

Tuesday – 10.11 easy. 7:32 avg pace. Goal of staying super relaxed. I keep thinking that means 7:40-7:50 range but I always wind up with 7:30-7:40 range. It all still counts as easy and not really in the grey zone so I’ll take it.

Wednesday – AM: 9.01 easy. 7:28 avg pace. Felt pretty relaxed again. Dig it. PM: 5.04 moderate effort 7:23 avg pace. Complete garbage run. Too fast to fast and too fast to finish and nothing really in a useful zone.

Thursday – AM: 6.36 easy 7:35 avg pace. Was gonna be 8 miles but I think I drank too much coffee this morning cause my stomach felt terrible. Cut it short for 6. PM: 3.39 easy. 7:21 pace. Ran out at Soul2Sole, went a little quicker but it felt pretty easy. Warm night though.

Friday – 7.01 negative split, last 3 miles at MP. 7:04 avg pace. Tempo splits – 7:00, 6:41, 6:13. So I eased my way into a tempo pace. I had a tailwind so it wasn’t too difficult. Achilles started nagging me and although it was still 80 degrees, it didn’t feel too bad.

Saturday – 7.01 easy 7:23 avg pace. Left at 11:00 am, direct sunlight plus headwind made this run suck butt.

Sunday – 12.1 long run. 7:26 avg pace. Really focused in on the time…wanted to run 30 minutes per every 4 mile segment and hit it nearly perfectly. Little slow on the start but little fast on the finish. Felt really in control of this run too. Achilles issue back around mile 11.

Total – 60.1


~ by gafoo on March 30, 2015.

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