Catching Up

So it’s been QUITE a while since the tumble weeds have been cleared here. To recap…

  1. Moved to Visalia, CA in June 2015. It was a scary move because we now have absolutely no lifeline except Nacho and Christian. They’ve since become our family (as if they weren’t before).
  2. Kinda petered out on running. I’m sure I’ll pick it back up but since the high point of a sub 85 1/2 marathon I’ve slowly let running turn to shit. Same thing happened when I hit the Boston qualifier in 2010. Ran a 3:10 full and just said FUCK IT after that. but running waxes and wanes just like the moon. I need it in my life and will gravitate back to it when the time is right.
  3. Had twin boys. We decided after the Visalia move to actually plan a pregnancy. Then with our fucking dumb luck it turned into identical twin boys. So we officially have blown past the 2.5 children (2 kids and a dog?) to 3 kids and no money. But we’re pretty happy so….
  4. Realized I had a hole in my life…this one is tough to admit. The move to Bakersfield from Los Angeles taught me something; I badly burned out from the Drum Corps scene and it made me apprehensive to approach anything musical going forward. It’s why I held a job with a telcom company for almost 4 years (before quitting in the most spectacular fashion) but then I wound up committing myself to teaching a drum line in Bako, then joining a rock band with work friends, then purchasing approximately $2000 worth of audio gear and lo and behold I was back full on in a musical project (or six).
  5. I’m getting a business degree…slowly. Kind of the overarching theme of my life is going for something, getting apprehensive about it, then purposely fucking it all up. Something about having more kids this year made me see that pattern and take positive steps towards breaking it. And that resulted in me going after a business degree and essentially “unfucking” my life.
  6. I’m starting a business. This is the weirdest one of all of them. I’m roping my best friend into starting a business. I don’t want to divulge too many details because like any new business it could flop at any given moment but seeing as how I’ve already sunk a few thousand dollars into it (with at least another $2000 planned) then I might as well go for broke, right?!
  7. I’ve fallen in love with my wife all over again. Same deal here, there are details that are best left between me and her but suffice it to say, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have met her but I’ll take the win and go forward a more grateful and humble man.
  8. just pointing out that I finished at SEVEN! DCIE!

~ by gafoo on December 18, 2016.

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