Weekly Wrap Up

A day late but in my defense yesterday was yet ANOTHER marathon day. Not quite as bad as last Sunday where I hit 20,000 steps on my step tracker but getting up there.

  1. 15.3 miles – this was the first full week of training after an extensive off period. I call this the “getting my feet wet” period. I’m hoping to ramp it up soon but I’ve got to remain realistic; there are only so many hours in the day.
  2. The training group is currently a bust. I’m guessing for a couple reasons; One is that no one really knows me so why would they run with me? Two is that I’m choosing to train at night – 7 or 8pm start times. In the winter time that’s not really the best choice but I literally can’t carve out any other time unless I start getting up at 4am and I vehemently refuse to do that. Oh well, keep on keepin on.
  3. Approaching an important deadline with a friend that really is testing my confidence in being able to start a business. So far I would say I’m failing pretty miserably but luckily he’s been VERY understanding. Time, as always, will tell.
  4. On the subject of more time for my math class…I will be extremely surprised if I don’t get a perfect score on my last test. Fuck you time management.
  5. Like a lot of the things I’m diving head first into with no floaties, I rather like blogging again.
  6. My parents visited me yesterday on what was turned out to be a very busy day. I think something got lost in translation because they assumed I was free on Sundays (wrong). Oh well, we made it work and I’m glad they got to see all the kiddos. They are all growing up so damn fast it’s scary.
  7. Seven

~ by gafoo on February 27, 2017.

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