How to fight boredom by someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about 110% of the time

tl;dr – pack your day with all the things you love to do and be so tired at the end of it that you just pass out without even thinking.  For the long answer – this is my day….

6:00am – alarm for wake up, put away clean dishes, start coffee (if wife hasn’t already), if I’m not too groggy and she’ll let me I’ll make the wife a small breakfast (lately she just does it cause she’s tired of me nagging her to eat breakfast.)

6:30am – alarm (in case I wanted to sleep in) drink coffee, work on budget, read emails, add things to a never ending to do list that I’ll probably ignore and wing it.

7:00am – alarm goes off to wake up the kid (snooze for 10 mins). Get said 9 year old up and get started on getting dressed/getting breakfast

7:10am – snoozed alarm goes off to nag kid to get their butt in gear cause they’re just watching cartoons and not doing any normal morning routine crap. make kid lunch for the day. Coffee cup 2

7:30am – alarm goes off to remind kid to groom and get their backpack together (snooze for 10 mins), go get dressed myself, get coffee cup 3 ready (sometimes I forget to do this).

7:40am – snoozed alarm goes off as a 5 minute warning to leave house for school. last chance to brush teeth while I grab the twin kiddos and put them in the car seats.

7:45am – drive to school while drinking coffee cup 3 that I hopefully prepared earlier. grumble about traffic and imagine that the other parents driving like ass around the school are doing it purposely to piss me off. Dream of the day when it’s finally warm enough to put the twin kiddos in the stroller and just run everyone to school. (END NOW STUPID WINTER!)

8:00am – back home, grumble that I didn’t make a fresh pot of coffee before I left the house. Make fresh pot of coffee, change diapers of the twin kiddos then place in high chairs with a handful of cereal and fruit to tide them over while I make myself breakfast (breakfast burrito + some type of fruit so I don’t get scurvy)

8:30am – breakfast for twin kiddos then morning playtime. spend the next hour doing random cleaning and keeping the twins from killing themselves or each other.

9:30 am – Bottle for kiddos (whole milk and not formula anymore. YAY WALLET!). More random cleaning and keeping twins from dying. There is lots of keeping your kids from dying in parenting.

10:00am – WHO SMELLS LIKE CRAP!? WHY ARE YOU KIDS STILL AWAKE!? Change diapers then pop kiddos in bouncer to tire them out.

10:30am – put twin kiddos to bed for a nap (whether they want to or not) then it’s roughly me time for the next 90 minutes. Fart around on the internet (actually I do this most of the day – thank you smart phones)/do homework/work on (and hopefully finish) projects/put a slow cooker meal in (if that is what’s on the menu today)/catch up on sleep myself (ha ha ha)

12:00pm – twins are now yelling at me for attention and possibly sustenance. They may also be planning our demise, not quite sure. Either way, it’s time for their and my lunch (usually leftovers, sometimes hot dogs, sometimes pot stickers.)

1:00pm – Pop kids in bouncers with bottles and cartoons. Take 5 min shower with the restroom door open to listen for any potential dying. Contemplate taking a shower in the morning like a normal person.

1:40pm – sniff test – any poop? no? cool. Pack into car seats and off to school to pick up the 9 year old.

2:20pm – back home and having the daily conversation with 9 year old
me: did you eat your lunch  (asked with a twinge of dying hope)?
9YO: I ate the goldfish.
me: sit at the kitchen table and eat your lunch.
9YO: can I watch netflix?
me: sit at the kitchen table and eat your lunch.
9YO: can I play on my computer?
me: sit at the kitchen table and eat your lunch. (why is this hard to understand?)
9YO: can I….
me: Sit at the table and finish your lunch. That’s all. Ask me other things later.
9YO: *angsty face*

3:00pm – This is where it’s dependent on other pieces falling into place. Either it’s time to get ready to take all 3 kids to our best friend’s house so that they can watch the kids while I go to school or if they’re not available that day then it’s extra time to get homework done. Either way this is one of my favorite times of day.

4:15 – 7:45pm – this time varies depending on what day it is but this is school time. Because I’m taking night classes there are a few adults there but it’s heavily skewed towards the 18-25 range. Try to engage said young-uns on the material, get nowhere, move on.

6:15-8:45pm – the overlap; sometimes class is out early, sometimes late. Either way this time is running time. My wife is a saint for letting me do this because it means she doesn’t see me most days until 9pm. While running I contemplate moving this activity to 4am then laugh because there really isn’t a 4am, it’s a myth.

9:00pm – back home, dinner, shower #2, dishes then tv time with the wife (currently on Better Call Saul season 2). Somewhere in this general time period is when I realize that I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I write all this because I realized last night how tired I was at the end of the day but also as busy as I’ve made myself I’m currently doing just about all the things I love to do. I don’t know how to fit in much else but if I discover that it’s missing from my life it’s gonna somehow go in the above rotation. Also, one side note…THANK YOU WEEKENDS!!!


~ by gafoo on March 3, 2017.

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