Things that make sense in post-run delirium

This was gonna be on twitter last night but I thought it better to expand it and post here.

Question 1: Is your life working right? Is everything falling into place correctly? Are you a good husband? Are you a good father? OR is your brain convincing you of the answer to all those things, either in the affirmative or not?

Question 2: If the answer to all these questions satisfies you does the 2nd question really matter?

Self-examination is very tough. I’m upset that I’m only squeezing in roughly 30 miles per week right now and but like I’ve mentioned over and over, time is a finite resource. At a certain point, concessions have to be made. Right now it seems like there are a couple more runners in town that want to train so I may end up re-jiggering my schedule to accommodate a time that works for all of us. If you see me and two other dudes running around at 10pm please don’t call the police.


~ by gafoo on March 7, 2017.

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