Weird things runners do

Because of some very tough family circumstances I’m feeling very uninspired to write anything but I also really like the mindfulness that daily blogging provides so I’m presenting to you my non-definitive list of weird things that runners do, inspired from a new FB friend’s post about being happy that she got a blister (say what?). I apologize ahead of time as this content is found in every runner’s corner of the internet. I just needed to get my mind off of things for a moment. At any rate…

  1. Being happy/proud about weird disgusting ailments (blisters, black toenails, etc).
  2. Changing anywhere. I bring running clothes with me and will simply change where I can; starbucks bathroom, kmart bathroom, the other day it was in my car (yes the windows are tinted. No, no one saw my superman underoos), I haven’t lost all shame yet though, I still don’t just drop trou anywhere but I know some of you runners out there do.
  3. On the subject of modesty though, I will take off my shirt anywhere. I don’t care if I’m overweight and no one needs to see that, I’M HOT!
  4. Doing anything to keep to your schedule. Yes I have run at 2am before (pleading the 5th on whether or not I was drunk at the time). Yes I have run at 4:30am before (can we just stop this as an acceptable hour to run?). Yes I have finished up work at 9pm, changed into running clothes then ran home. Yes I have run to work and mini-showered in the company bathroom (mini-showers aren’t really good for someone who sweats a lot, bee tee dubs.)
  5. Of course there’s running around the block once more to hit that even number (I want my watch to say 5 MILES!!!!). I rarely do this nowadays.
  6. Chasing down anything in front of you that’s moving the same direction. I think most runners get at least a little competitive (gotta catch that runner, gotta catch that walker, gotta catch that cyclist, gotta catch that squirrel, etc…)
  7. Public peeing/pooping – ummm, talk to the ultra running community and you may hear some horror stories. Sometimes you just gotta go.

There are of course several more little weird quirks about our community. Something about the idea of running for fun brings these things out of you. Feel free to add your own in the comments if you’re so inclined.



~ by gafoo on March 8, 2017.

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