Weekly Wrap Up – 3/26/2017


  1. 24.3 miles, 4 days. Took a breather on Saturday because of stress. Mine and hers. Made Sunday a long run day. nearly 11.5 miles easy.
  2. Getting close to spring break but I feel antsy every. single. day. I’m going to fix my treadmill and run during the day while the boys sleep. Assuming I find the time.
  3. School – other than the recording and protools class (which I don’t know my grade but I assume based on projects being completed) I’ve got A’s in everything. It’s not really much of an accomplishment other than organizational skills that I suddenly posses.
  4. Backyard is still a thing that overflows with greenery, mostly weeds. We want to set fire to it. We also want to set fire to the garage. Fire cleanses all.
  5. I feel like I should set a goal for this 1/2 marathon. All I know is that the course has hills and is crazy hot. Sub 90 possible? It’s been a long time since that pace but I’ve got until August.
  6. Spring Break…9 day supercompensation cycle. Need to run and do little else.
  7. The big difference is that I wear my crazy on the outside. People aren’t really used to that I suppose. Or they’re too busy being crazy themselves.

~ by gafoo on March 29, 2017.

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