The Mileage Question

Bear in mind that my answer is strictly for performance. If you have a different goal then adjust accordingly. I’m a big fan of the Hansons method as it’s been the way I’ve haphazardly trained before I realized what training actually was.

This answer is very easy…enough to be tired all the time which is actually a lot more than you think. The truth is you’re not really tired you just think you are or perhaps you’re hungry (stop trying to train for performance and lose weight. It’s super dangerous).  Don’t run so much that you’re hurting everyday. If you do hurt everyday then you’re probably doing something wrong so examine all aspects of that pain (shoes, stride length, stride rate, supplemental strength, diet, stress, etc.) Then when you are approaching your goal race you get fresh…7-10 days before.


~ by gafoo on March 31, 2017.

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