Weekly Wrap Up – 5/21/17


  1. 42.5 miles, 6 runs. In theory I should have been able to hit 50 this week with no problem. I added a run on Wednesday night in spite of my better judgment. Sleeping in on Sunday felt too good this week. My penance was 6 miles in the fire of the central valley.
  2. Finishing up classes this week and I’m seeing A’s roll in. Breathing a sigh of relief that I can devote more focus to family rather than homework.
  3. The boys are walking emergency room visits waiting to happen. I’m SERIOUSLY glad I’m able to devote more time to them.
  4. Summer is looking like a really fun time – gotta start running at 9pm again. Slide into bed exhausted then do it over each day. Maybe get over 50 for a good stretch.
  5. Life is about cycles, do it different each time around and maybe it’ll get better.

~ by gafoo on May 22, 2017.

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