Crazy (for a weekend warrior) running things…

I’m a huge believer in mileage based training so here is a a list of things stupid running things done in the spirit of CAUSE I FUCKING CAN!

  1. Ran 30 miles on my 30th birthday, then went to a big dressy wedding the same night and danced with my beautiful wife. The 30 on my 30th was inspired by a collegiate runner I used to follow on DailyMile.
  2. Ran to local races, raced them for PRs, then ran home. I’ve got a couple 1/2 marathons and 5ks where I ran to the start line then ran home. Longest was 8 miles to the start of a 5k and then running a 20 min 5k (a PR at the time). For that last one I got a ride home.
  3. Ran a 90 mile training week. There’s not much to do other than run when you move with no money or job prospects. You put in job applications, hope for an interview, and you run. 90 miles was my limit at the time but I’m hoping to put in over 100 at some point. It’s such an arbitrary number but I WANT IT!

I have more good ones but this seems like enough for now. I’m currently eating a plate of meatballs and thinking about what my long run will be on Sunday.


~ by gafoo on June 1, 2017.

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