Weekly Wrap Up/Catching Up – June

Been 3 weeks since a weekly wrap up. School let out, my whole family is back home, we’re barreling through our neglected to-do lists while working around the 17 mo old twin boys. Life, as always, is stupid busy and complicated.

  1. 6/4/17 – 23.5 miles, 3 runs. Spent most of my free time working on my daughter’s playhouse. Still not finished but very much on track for July.
  2. 6/11/17 – 23 miles, 4 runs. Week of my 37th bday. Ran an 8mi under an hr to prove to myself I still could. No long run but again more work on the playhouse and other yard things.
  3. 6/18/17 – 21.9 miles, 3 runs. This was my last free week before summer school and it was also the last coolish day before the heatwave of this week. Again no long run, more yard things. Projects getting as much attention as they can when we can manage.

Our temps for the last few days have been consistently over 105 degrees but I’ve been spending my mornings doing summer school homework now so the option is waiting til after the sun goes down. I’ll probably log another 3 days of running this week. Really want to avoid the summer lull but the heat wave really dampens motivation. Until next time…


~ by gafoo on June 21, 2017.

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