Weekly Wrap Up – 4/16/17

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Easter week, spring break, blah blah blah…

  1. 65.3 miles – 8 runs. I feel really good that I was able to push up to a level of running that I used to do quite regularly. Also feel good that I was able to keep to a schedule of running every day of my spring break. It’ll be a while before I get that kind of time again.
  2. Long run for the week was 18.7 miles. I literally haven’t done a long run of that length since I first started training for marathons back in 2009. I actually searched through my Strava history to find the closest to that and came up with 16.6 miles from two years ago.
  3. On that last note, I realize that the marathon training I do is somewhat different than the training most people do but it’s always worked for me. I’m sure I could tweak things here and there to get faster (especially pacing, lol) but so far my marathon PR is 3:10 and my 1/2 PR is 1:23 so I can’t be doing too bad. Different strokes for different folks.
  4. I’ve thought about this a ton over the last year and as much as I grumble about it, it’s nice that June is growing older and maturing. Just watching her around the twins puts our mind at ease about having more kids so much further apart. She loves spending time with them and helping us out in small ways. It excites me for how that relationship is going to expand as everyone gets older.
  5. About June and her aging and grumblyness (yes it’s a word!!!), she spent most of the week up with my wife’s family. It was nice to be 1 on 1 with the kids for a change and I’m sure it was nice for her to be the #1 priority for a whole week.
  6. Our twin boys had their 1st Easter that they could really participate in. My family came up and spent the day with them. We made a simple dinner for everyone and ate way too much candy. It was a ton of fun. Maybe next year the boys will be better about dropping eggs in the basket.
  7. I’ve been working on a future post in my head…the concept of balance now that there are 5 in the house (7 with the animals) and how life is always the same but also completely different. Also, Seven.

Weekly Wrap Up – 4/9/17

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Random question…Why am I having such a hard time making eggs lately?

  1. 32.5 miles, 4 runs. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve…it’s all good It was the hectic last week before spring break. Lots of life takes precedent over running.
  2. Must fix treadmill
  3. supercompensation week is off to a rocky start but hopefully tonight I can feel more on track.
  4. I don’t improvise well these days, unfortunately. If I seem in a weird mood because of it, I assure you it’s me, not you.
  5. beep beep

Weekly wrap up – 4/2/2017

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flurg a flurg

  1. 43 miles, 7 runs (9 technically). Took my daughter on her bike twice to school but she says it’s too long of a ride for her so I’m back to driving her.
  2. 50 was always my personal bare minimum weekly mileage where I feel like I’m making real progress towards a performance goal. With 3 kids and a busy life on top of that it may be unrealistic to assume I can easily do that. 43 miles left me fairly exhausted this whole week.
  3. On that note…just hang on because this ride don’t stop.

The Mileage Question

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Bear in mind that my answer is strictly for performance. If you have a different goal then adjust accordingly. I’m a big fan of the Hansons method as it’s been the way I’ve haphazardly trained before I realized what training actually was.

This answer is very easy…enough to be tired all the time which is actually a lot more than you think. The truth is you’re not really tired you just think you are or perhaps you’re hungry (stop trying to train for performance and lose weight. It’s super dangerous).  Don’t run so much that you’re hurting everyday. If you do hurt everyday then you’re probably doing something wrong so examine all aspects of that pain (shoes, stride length, stride rate, supplemental strength, diet, stress, etc.) Then when you are approaching your goal race you get fresh…7-10 days before.

Weekly Wrap Up – 3/26/2017

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  1. 24.3 miles, 4 days. Took a breather on Saturday because of stress. Mine and hers. Made Sunday a long run day. nearly 11.5 miles easy.
  2. Getting close to spring break but I feel antsy every. single. day. I’m going to fix my treadmill and run during the day while the boys sleep. Assuming I find the time.
  3. School – other than the recording and protools class (which I don’t know my grade but I assume based on projects being completed) I’ve got A’s in everything. It’s not really much of an accomplishment other than organizational skills that I suddenly posses.
  4. Backyard is still a thing that overflows with greenery, mostly weeds. We want to set fire to it. We also want to set fire to the garage. Fire cleanses all.
  5. I feel like I should set a goal for this 1/2 marathon. All I know is that the course has hills and is crazy hot. Sub 90 possible? It’s been a long time since that pace but I’ve got until August.
  6. Spring Break…9 day supercompensation cycle. Need to run and do little else.
  7. The big difference is that I wear my crazy on the outside. People aren’t really used to that I suppose. Or they’re too busy being crazy themselves.

Thanks to whoever introduced me to Aeon.co

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Because I spend my day keeping 3 kids fed, clean, clothed, and honestly keep them all from hurting each other it took me over two days to finish this article. Most others are working and would have the exact same problem. There needs to be more hours in the day sometimes (especially because I just downloaded Mario Run). This is the classic “if” – if I had more time I would read stuff like this all day. If I had more education (working on it) and better writing skills I would attempt to get a job with this group. That being said – here’s something that really spoke to me…

Total Bad Ass

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I don’t pretend to understand the upper level of the sport and what it actually takes to consider one self “competitive” but will I never stop thinking that she is a total bad ass representative of running. Her career will always stand no matter what she does from here.