Weekly Wrap Up/Catching Up – June

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Been 3 weeks since a weekly wrap up. School let out, my whole family is back home, we’re barreling through our neglected to-do lists while working around the 17 mo old twin boys. Life, as always, is stupid busy and complicated.

  1. 6/4/17 – 23.5 miles, 3 runs. Spent most of my free time working on my daughter’s playhouse. Still not finished but very much on track for July.
  2. 6/11/17 – 23 miles, 4 runs. Week of my 37th bday. Ran an 8mi under an hr to prove to myself I still could. No long run but again more work on the playhouse and other yard things.
  3. 6/18/17 – 21.9 miles, 3 runs. This was my last free week before summer school and it was also the last coolish day before the heatwave of this week. Again no long run, more yard things. Projects getting as much attention as they can when we can manage.

Our temps for the last few days have been consistently over 105 degrees but I’ve been spending my mornings doing summer school homework now so the option is waiting til after the sun goes down. I’ll probably log another 3 days of running this week. Really want to avoid the summer lull but the heat wave really dampens motivation. Until next time…


Crazy (for a weekend warrior) running things…

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I’m a huge believer in mileage based training so here is a a list of things stupid running things done in the spirit of CAUSE I FUCKING CAN!

  1. Ran 30 miles on my 30th birthday, then went to a big dressy wedding the same night and danced with my beautiful wife. The 30 on my 30th was inspired by a collegiate runner I used to follow on DailyMile.
  2. Ran to local races, raced them for PRs, then ran home. I’ve got a couple 1/2 marathons and 5ks where I ran to the start line then ran home. Longest was 8 miles to the start of a 5k and then running a 20 min 5k (a PR at the time). For that last one I got a ride home.
  3. Ran a 90 mile training week. There’s not much to do other than run when you move with no money or job prospects. You put in job applications, hope for an interview, and you run. 90 miles was my limit at the time but I’m hoping to put in over 100 at some point. It’s such an arbitrary number but I WANT IT!

I have more good ones but this seems like enough for now. I’m currently eating a plate of meatballs and thinking about what my long run will be on Sunday.

Weekly Wrap Up – 5/28/17

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Shite Shite Shite

  1. 12.4 miles – 2 runs. Garbage week, garbage training. I’ll look on the upside and consider it a down week.
  2. Finals are done, summer school starts in 3 weeks. Hopefully I’m able to take the foot off the damn gas pedal a bit for the next semester.
  3. Finally fixed my treadmill, 1 more thing crossed off the todo list and now I can sweat my balls off in the garage in the middle of the day while the boys sleep. YAY!

Weekly Wrap Up – 5/21/17

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  1. 42.5 miles, 6 runs. In theory I should have been able to hit 50 this week with no problem. I added a run on Wednesday night in spite of my better judgment. Sleeping in on Sunday felt too good this week. My penance was 6 miles in the fire of the central valley.
  2. Finishing up classes this week and I’m seeing A’s roll in. Breathing a sigh of relief that I can devote more focus to family rather than homework.
  3. The boys are walking emergency room visits waiting to happen. I’m SERIOUSLY glad I’m able to devote more time to them.
  4. Summer is looking like a really fun time – gotta start running at 9pm again. Slide into bed exhausted then do it over each day. Maybe get over 50 for a good stretch.
  5. Life is about cycles, do it different each time around and maybe it’ll get better.

Weekly Wrap Up – 5/14/17

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way late, the next week is almost completely written. time is elastic…shift some paradigms…blur the lines….random nihilism

  1. 33.3 miles – 4 runs. Dropped the long run on Mother’s Day. Make it up next week.
  2. coming into the “artificial” home stretch. keep your head down and just move

Weekly Wrap Up 4/30/17 + 5/7/17

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Behind by a week and a day on this. Booty.

  1. 4/23 – 45.9 miles – 5 runs. Still at that hard limit of 45 ish miles. I’d like this to be 50 but I’d need to push most daily runs over an hour which I don’t really want to do.
  2. 5/7 – 40.1 – dropped the Friday run which put my weekly mileage lower. It was worth it cause we got to take the kids out and see people for the 1st time in a long while. I’m glad we got a chance to hang out even if just for an evening.
  3. Getting really close to summer. I can’t wait to have a little more free time.
  4. I’ve been gathering my thoughts for a blog post on a huge event, the Nike Sub2 project. I’ve followed it somewhat regularly since it was announced and I am literally in awe of what they achieved.
  5. I’ve got nothing else…like I said before; booty.

Weekly Wrap Up – 4/23/17

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LIghter week of running, heavier week of everything else. It’s all about balance 😉

  1. 45.5 miles, 5 runs. At lower mileage levels it’s supposedly better to get your mileage goals in single runs (not double days). This was an attempt to hit 50 in 5 days but I was pretty wiped out on Sunday so totally cheaped out on the long run.
  2. On the subject of being wiped out…I did something foolish that used to work for me: 10 mile run at current tempo pace in the hottest part of the day. It took me a good hour of eating, hydrating, and resting to feel normal again. Long run was supposed to start at 7am the next day but when 6am rolled around I realized there was no way I was getting up and running. Guess I should accept that I’m closer to 40 than 30.
  3. On the subject of being old, my youngest sister turned 26 this past week. The youngest of us is nearing 30. I have to keep repeating that to let it sink in. There is a b-day present coming once I find time to put it together.